Declan Rice hails N’Golo Kante

Chelsea were rumoured to be interested in signing Declan Rice from West Ham in the summer to strengthen an already packed midfield. However, the former Chelsea youth player remained at West Ham and Lampard has fielded N’Golo Kante as the holding midfielder regularly.

Declan Rice has admitted that he looks up to the France international to improve his game as a role of holding midfielder. Speaking to Times the England international said “The main one I’ve always watched is Kante in my position. The way he protects the back four, the way he intercepts, always in position. I think I’m fairly good at that but there are still things I can do that can take me to the next level. Sometimes in games I get sucked out of position a little bit, attracted to the ball. I’m so enthusiastic to get the ball back for the team, I’m probably just better off saving my legs sometimes. I do more running than I should, put it that way. I’m so enthusiastic just to go and win the ball back where pretty much everything would come through me anyway if I stood right in the middle. That’s what Busquets and Kante do.”

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