Mourinho says Fulham postponement was unprofessional

Jose Mourinho has reiterated his feelings towards the postponement of Fulham game and claimed it was unprofessional to call the game off just a few hours before kick-off. The Tottenham manger had earlier taken to social media to take a sarcastic dig at the Premier League while awaiting for the news from authorities.

Speaking ahead of their game against Leeds, Mourinho said the postponement had disrupted a week’s worth of work for Tottenham. The Spurs manager added “I don’t want to speak too much about it. Just to say I felt unprofessional, but that is the way it was. We were preparing ourselves for that match and of course we didn’t play and that is disruptive of what is a week of work.”

The training sessions before that would be different if we weren’t going to play that game. People can think it was good for me that there was no game, but only good for me if I knew there was no game because then I could have had a different cycle in the training sessions. But not to play and not to train like we would have liked in the days before does not help

Mourinho claimed the season started in a wrong manner as both the Manchester clubs missed the first round of matches due to their involvement in European competitions. The Tottenham manager added “It’s a special season with special circumstances. I have to say it’s going to be fair because if not it’s better not to be involved. I believe that even from before the season started, it started immediately in the wrong way. Because to start the season with two clubs having a match in hand, it’s immediately a wrong start.”

The season started in September and only in the last week of December we were informed about when these two matches were going to be played. Now it’s about many other matches, or a few more.”

There are lots of things that are not right. But it is what it is, it’s what it’s possible to have. When you say it’s fair or not fair, we have to say it’s fair.

Mourinho admitted its unlikely to have any January transfers due to the good recruitment done in summer. The Portuguese added “Times are not easy. The club made a big effort in the summer to try and build a good squad. Honestly if something good happened to us it would be a big surprise for me. I don’t feel the right to ask for something.”

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