Scott Parker claims he doesn’t owe an apology to anyone

Scott Parker’s Fulham snatched a deserved point in the London derby against Tottenham to earn their fifth successive draw in the Premier League. Spurs were guilty of missing a hatful of chances against the Cottagers, and were punished by Fulham to deny them moving up to 3rd in the table.

Spurs were due to play Fulham on December 30, but the game was postponed a few hours before kick-off due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Parker’s side. The game was brought forward after Tottenham’s trip to Aston Villa was called off due to an increase in positive Covid-19 cases in the Villa camp, which led to Scott Parker branding the decision ‘scandalous’.

Mourinho said Fulham should apologise if they field a strong side against Tottenham, and dismissed Parker’s accusations on Premier League for rescheduling the game. However, Parker said many of his players had troubles in preparing for the game due to the Covid-19 situation and isolations.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Parker said “I owe no one an apology, this football club owes no one an apology.”

You can talk from the outside and people can see what they want to see and work out exactly what the script is but it was far from that. There were two players on that pitch that had only trained for one day, they’d come back from Covid-19 and played in that game. I had players on the pitch that had just three or four days of training. The issue for me regarding this fixture wasn’t having just two days to prepare for it. I understand that.”

The issue was 16 days ago this game was scheduled in but since then we’ve had 10 positive cases, including a couple of staff and then on Monday morning we got told we had to play this game. That was my issue. People understood the predicament we were in, we weren’t making it up. We’ve been very open, in terms of the safety of others too.”

This team came with a purpose and two days of hard work. In the end, we go away with a pleasing result.”

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