Werner outlines his new role under Tuchel

Timo Werner, who has gone over 900 minutes without scoring in the league for Chelsea, put in a man-of-the-match performance against Sheffield United to help Tuchel win his third successive game. The Germany international provided the assist for Chelsea’s first goal, and earned his side a penalty in the second half.

The German revealed after the game that his role under Tuchel has changed, which has helped to exploit space on the pitch to attack defenders. Werner added “Every manager is different in how he wants us to play.

He gives us a lot of ideas. Now I play as a left number 10, not a left winger, so I have more space for my runs in the middle and can play behind a striker, or with a number 10 behind me as a second striker. So it’s very good for me and I think there were also good moves from the manager in the last two wins.”

Speaking on the win against Sheffield United, Werner said “Overall I think it’s a good win for us. It was very difficult, the whole game, against a very good high-defending Sheffield United and we are very proud that we win, continuing on from our last wins. For myself, again no goal, but it’s good to see that I can help the team with other things at the moment and I’ll keep going.”

I’m happy when we win and when I can make two assists like today that is also good, but as a striker you want to score. It’s a long time now for me, I haven’t had so long a period without a goal in my career before, but you can’t do anything against this. You have to keep going and try to do your best on the field and the goals will come.”

The Chelsea forward admitted he was surprised when the referee waved off his appeal for penalty after being brought down by the goalkeeper. “I was a little bit shocked because for me it was a clear penalty. I put the ball away from the goalkeeper and he hits me clear, but for that I think VAR is good.”

I got a dead leg – that’s what you call it in England I think – it was at the penalty. The 10 or 15 minutes after were hard, so I told the manager he should take me off because it was a tight game and in the end it’s better to have 11 fit players on the pitch than 10-and-a-half.

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