Everton appoint Rafa Benitez as the club manager

Everton have appointed ex-Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez as their new manager after the departure of Carlo Ancelotti to join Real Madrid. Despite fan protests and backlash due to Benitez’s links with Liverpool, Everton have gone ahead and made the Spaniard their new manager.

Benitez, who won the Champions League, FA Cup and UEFA Super Cup with Liverpool is well remembered by Everton fans for his “small club” jibe while in charge of Liverpool. However, the Spaniard has called for unity and calmness, and to support the team. He added “I know what it means for Evertonians.

I know what it means for people in the city and the passion they have. I think it is crucial for us to have the fans behind us. This year with the pandemic has been very difficult and football without the fans is totally different. I was following the form of Everton [last season] and obviously away from home they have been fine but not so good at home. Why? Because they didn’t have the fans behind. It is crucial.

I am expecting the fans – and I know all the things that people talk about – but I am expecting the fans after one year of not going to the stadium to go and stay behind the team. We need the fans behind the team and I think they will be.”

I have been in Madrid, Naples, Valencia, Tenerife, Extremadura and Liverpool. Every single club I was there, I was fighting for them. If you analyse things in that context, what you are expecting from your manager is to fight for your club, and I will do that.

I am here, I will fight for my club, I will try to win every single game, and it doesn’t matter who the opponents are, or the rivals. It is something you have to do, it is your nature, that you have to try to do your best. And why a lot of fans in a lot of these cities love me is because I was giving everything for them. If you analyse this in that context, then it is very clear I will do the same for Everton.”

Source: Guardian

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