Tuchel confirms rotation for Carabao Cup

Chelsea Head Coach Thomas Tuchel has confirmed there will be squad rotations for their fourth round game against Southampton in the Carabao Cup. Tuchel is expected to rest most of his key players ahead of their Premier League game away to Newcastle United on Saturday as they play their third game in seven days.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the game Tuchel confirmed he will try to rest some players, while ensuring others get an opportunity. The German added “There will be some changes, how much I don’t know yet. Sometimes you can never be fully sure, do you interrupt a good flow, is it better to keep everybody in there and playing to keep the momentum going or is it the moment to give some players a rest.”

But we have an excellent department at Cobham that helps us take these decisions – the guys who do the analysing, the guys who do the monitoring, the guys who treat the players, the medical department and everybody.

We will put our heads together and get some decisions because we have to admit, we had a late game on Wednesday and an early game on Saturday and another one on Tuesday. So it’s very likely that we have some changes.”

The German admitted he was happy with his team’s performances despite rotating the players during a hectic schedule. He added “At the moment I’m happy that everyone who comes on and plays, plays with the same style and intensity. I’m in the spirit right now of what I like about the team, that when we play, we play and we push ourselves to the limit on this very special matchday, and this will be next on Tuesday against Southampton.”

Tuchel praised Andreas Christensen, who scored his first goal for Chelsea during their 4-0 win against Malmo in Champions League. The German added “I think it’s important that we accept the personality of every player,’ said Tuchel. ‘Some are more aggressive, some are more loud, some are more calm and he is a very calm guy, a very intelligent player.”

Sometimes you can get maybe a bit misled by judging him from his personality because he’s a hard defender and he’s the guy who is not shy to have hard tackles and to win challenges and to step up in games.”

He found his place, he’s very strong, he’s very reliable and he has not reached his limits because at this age there is still room to improve. So he can be an absolutely top defender for us in the next years and hopefully he will be because he comes from the Academy, he knows what it takes, and he has improved massively so far.”

But it’s not done yet. You have to show it over and over again. There are big examples at this club of what it takes to be a legend in defence and there is still a way to go but we are very happy so far.

Source: Chelsea FC

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