Solskjaer rallies his troops for Tottenham game

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is confident Manchester United will turn things around after their shambolic defeat to Liverpool last Sunday. A defeat to Tottenham Hotspur will see United pick up just one point from their last five games, and will cast doubts on Solskjaer’s future at the club.

Speaking to reporters ahead of their game against Tottenham Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitted it has been a tough week for everyone at Manchester United. He said “It’s been a difficult week, of course, we’ve had to deal with the result and performance against Liverpool which we know wasn’t good enough and that’s something that footballers have to deal with, that’s why we’re in this game, you have to look forward to the next game, make sure you’re ready. And when you get to that next game sort it out and challenge the problems. We’ve had a good week on the training field.”

We definitely need a reaction and it’s my job as well to put the players in the right frame of mind. I’m responsible for the reaction, the result, the performance. We’ve worked on the pitch, worked on everything that needs to be sorted for a footballer. It’s not just frame of mind, it’s the approach strategy, gameplan, tactics, technically, we’ve had a good week and I feel the boys are ready to give their best as they always do. The performance, nothing went to plan and that was nowhere near our best.”

The Norwegian admitted he has to deal with the situations as Manchester United manager and encourage his team. He added “I think it affects everyone around, I spoke about it last week, I think Mikel Arteta said something about what we have to deal with as managers in high profile situations and that’s what we’ve got used to. I’m as focused as ever. I’ve had players come up to me.”

For example I don’t read social media but when Paul came up to me, angry. We expect to be criticised, hands up, the performance wasn’t good enough, we don’t expect, we can’t accept when lies are made up. Paul told me what he put up on his social media. We’re better than that as a group – the culture, environment is better, we can’t stand for blatant lies. They’ve gotta stand up and say so. All the opinions and reports, fine, but don’t make up lies about players or me.”

The players come in, proper professionals, come in, good people, do their best. We have an environment in and around the place, loads of respect for each other. When you come in for criticism like you do, you come into the trenches with your teammates. That’s the reaction I’ve seen this seen, whatever this club has been through before, it’s always about getting through with courage, togetherness, self-belief, sticking together and this group has done.”

Besides Pogba not available due to suspension, Solskjaer confirmed he has a fully fit squad to choose from on Saturday.

Source: Manchester Evening

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