Jurgen Klopp criticises Premier League for fixture reschedule

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has lashed out at Premier League for rescheduling Manchester United fixtures, which would see Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men play three games in the space of five days.

Manchester United have almost secured qualification for next season’s Champions League after defeating Aston Villa 3-1 today. Solskjaer admitted during his press conference on fielding a particularly weaker side for the Leicester game, which has now irked Jurgen Klopp as Liverpool would desperately try to pip Leicester City to fourth place.

Speaking to reporters after the win against Southampton, Jurgen Klopp admitted he wasn’t happy with Premier League on the reschedule of Man United games. The Liverpool manager added “I think everybody is 100 per cent sure Ole Gunnar Solskjaer respects the Premier League 100 per cent, but the situation is now like it is – and I really think it’s crazy what we did with that.”

I know there were not proper solutions, but I think there could be a better situation than that, I am pretty sure.”

United has a weekend off after that or something like that? So, three games in five days but then a weekend off, so it looks like there could have been a window where we could have done something slightly different.”

But it is a decision and I understand that he doesn’t like that, definitely. We will see what we make of that.”

We have a tough programme ourselves because of that because now we play the last four games in a very short period of time. That’s how it is and we will see what we can make.”

Source: Telegraph

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