Chelsea prepared for penalties if needed, says Tuchel

Chelsea Head Coach Thomas Tuchel revealed his side are prepared if the Champions League final heads to penalties. With the Europa League final going to 21 penalties, Tuchel admitted he has never seen anything like that before.

Speaking to reporters, Tuchel said “We always practise penalties when we face a match where it’s possible it could go to penalties.”

Can we simulate the pressure, the fatigue, the occasion, how it will feel on Saturday? No, we cannot. But still we believe we can take care about some patterns, and about a certain rhythm and certain habits during penalties. Which we did.”

And honestly, the penalty shootout was fantastic in terms of quality from the takers, I’ve never seen anything like this – 20 penalties in a row and no misses. And so, so strong, and so well taken.”

We have identified the guys who should take the penalties for us, but I don’t know who in he end will be on the pitch. We need to be well aware but we are prepared and if we go to penalties we go in there together.

If we (lose on) penalties we’ll do that together no matter what happens.”

The German confirmed Edouard Mendy and Kante will be fit for the final, after the duo suffered knocks in their final game defeat to Aston Villa. Tuchel added “It’s the best news ever, we have no injuries and let’s hope it stays like this until after the training.”

Source: Sky Sports

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